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Knowing how to provide medical care during a short or long term emergency should be near the top of any preppers list of skills to learn. When starting out you need to build a medical kit that offers a variety of treatments for a wide range of conditions.

From picking the right vitamins for better health, to preparing for a pandemic or getting over the common cold, you are in the right place to learn and grow your skills and knowledge.

Prevention is important and we have a lot of helpful posts that can help you be healthier now. There are many natural remedies that can help alleviate common conditions.

Maybe you already have a medical kit and basic knowledge? For the advanced prepper our posts on dental emergencies and major trauma can help hone your skills for dealing with those rare emergencies where a few seconds can make all the difference.

We are glad you are here and hope to help you be as prepared as possible for a better future!

Prevention and Basic Preparedness

Preventing medical problems is always best. From taking precautions against wound infections to preventing the flu and common colds, you will find it right here.  Worried about pandemics? We can show you how to prepare now and increase your chances of getting through.

Prepper Preparedness: Personal Fitness and Health

8 Things You Can Do Now to Promote Medical Self-Care

Acute Mountain Sickness: Signs, Prevention and Treatment

What We Can Expect from the 2018 Flu Season & the Best Ways We Can Protect Ourselves

What You Need to Know About Colds, Flu and Respiratory Infections

How to Use Essential Oils to Relieve Sinus Congestion

Top 4 Medicinal Mushroom Powerhouses

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Alternative Infection Prevention and Treatment

DIY Castor Oil Packs for Health Preparedness

Do-It-Yourself Vaccine to Halt the Spread of Germs

The Best Vitamins And Supplements For Hard Times

How to Prepare for A Pandemic

Fish Antibiotics and Other Drugs

Antibiotics are amazing life saving drugs. Having a variety of fish antibiotics on hand allows you to treat a lot of different types of infections. During hard times infections can become more common due to harsh living conditions and poorer hygiene among the masses. Knowing when and how to use antibiotics is important though because you do not want to use them for every little scrape. Join us and learn what you need and how to utilize life saving antibiotics during a survival situation.

What You Need to Know About Expired Prescription Drugs

Why Store Fish Antibiotics For Survival

9 Simple Tips to Prevent Antibiotic Resistance

Remedies For Common Conditions

No matter how healthy you are at some point who doesn’t suffer from aches and pains or a common cold? Over the years Backdoor Survival has released many posts that help you use essential oils, herbs, and other natural remedies to help you lead a healthier life every day.

Top 5 Essential Oils for Migraines

Elderberry Tincture: A Labor of Love

DIY Miracle Healing Salve: Wild Plant Edition

Health Benefits of Garlic: The Medicinal Use of Garlic

18 Herbal Remedies for Aches and Pains

25 Natural Remedies For Diabetes

Treating Psoriasis with Essential Oils

DIY Healing Vapor Rub for Coughs & Congestion

DIY Cold and Flu Bomb

Survival Medicine: Insect Bites and Stings

Survival Dental Care

During good times it is easy to forget about dental health. Dealing with dental emergencies is something every prepper should familiarize themselves with. Your teeth can have a major effect on the function of your entire body. The posts below will show you what you need to be prepared and get through dental issues when they arise.

Dealing with Dental Abscesses Off The Grid

Prepper’s Guide to Dental Equipment and Dental Exams

How to Survive a Dental Emergency: From Temporary Toothache to Long Term Situations


During an emergency seconds count. Knowing how to approach trauma, brain injuries, snake bites, and hypothermia are bits of knowledge that are well worth learning. So many emergencies such as heavy bleeding can be survived it the right action is taken at the right time. With these articles you can start to build or improve your medical kit and skills so you have what it takes to survive and help those around you.

What Every Prepper Needs to Know About Hypothermia

How to Survive Snake Bites – The Science of Antivenom

Traumatic Brain Injuries in Survival Settings

Review: Be Medically Prepared with a Gunshot & Bleeding Wound Kit

Best Practices for Dealing with Wounds in a Survival Situation

How to Deal With Open Wounds When Help is Not on the Way

A Kit to Treat Trauma Before Help Arrives

How to Disinfect and Sterilize Medical Instruments in a Survival Situation

How to Create an Emergency Ammo Can First Aid Kit

Using Potassium Iodide Following a Nuclear Incident

Treating the Runs in a Survival Situation

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