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If there are words to describe preppers and homesteaders, they are likely Do It Yourself. Backdoor Survival has always been about DIY. From designing your own water catchment to canning meat and more, we have the info you need to meet your goals and get the most out of your preps.

General Articles

How to Build a Simple Faraday Cage for EMP Survival

It Takes a Village: 33 Awesome Projects for Preppers

Cooking, Canning, and Pantry

Knowing how to add value at home by processing and storing foods is a very important part of prepping for hard times. Look below for posts on how to make everything from cooking oils to soda, canned meat, and more. We can also help you save money by roasting your own coffee at home.

Building a DIY Rocket Stove

How to Make Cooking Oils from Scratch

How To Make Your Own Delicious Crackers at Home

How to Make Sausage and Smoke it Too: A DIY Guide

How to Make Your Own Seltzer and Soda

Roasting Coffee And Storing For Long Term Use

How To Can Meat Products

The Perfect Homemade Biscuit Mix from Food Storage

Easy Peasy DIY Berry and Fruit Liqueurs

How to Seal Food in Mylar Bags

Survival Basics: How to Build a Fire in a Rocket Stove

Survival Friday: DIY Hardtack for Those Really Hard Times

How to Render Tallow

How to Render Lard

Health and Personal Care

Some of the best remedies and personal care products are the ones you can make yourself. While we are not doctor’s, Backdoor Survival is a strong believer that essential oils and botanicals can help us be healthier and offer relief to some issues many people suffer from. From healing salves to antiviral sprays and rubs for coughs and congestion to making your own lip balm.

How to Make Cold Pressed Aloe Vera Soap

How to Make DIY Hand Sanitizer With Essential Oils

How To Make Your Own Lip Balm

DIY Miracle Healing Salve: Wild Plant Edition

DIY Foaming Hand Soap

4 Amazing Skincare Products To Make Using Essential Oils

Make an Awesome Cayenne Salve for Pain Relief

DIY Simple Salve: An All Purpose, All Natural Ointment and Carrier Oil

How to Make Your Own Dirt Cheap Soft Soap

Make Your Own Healing Lotion Bars

DIY Antiviral Sanitizing Spray: When Hand Sanitizer is Not Enough

DIY Miracle Healing Salve

DIY Liquid Castile Soap “Wonderful”

Survival Buzz: Make A Gel Ice Pack On the Cheap

12 Wellness Reasons to Include Elderberries in Your Preps

DIY Healing Vapor Rub for Coughs & Congestion

How to Make an Awesome Healing Body Butter

General Household DIY

Knowing how to stretch your resources is a valuable skill. Knowing how to make some of the things you use often makes it even better.  Natural cleaning supplies can be made from very basic ingredients as can a variety of glues. Do you like to cook over charcoal? We can show you how to make a large supply of charcoal to have on hand.

The Best Glue Alternatives and Substitutes

15 Cinder Block Ideas For The Prepper Homestead

How to Sharpen Razor Blades for the Long Term

DIY Laundry Detergent for Pennies per Load

Making Your Own Lump Charcoal

How to Recharge Alkaline Batteries

Prepper Checklist: DIY Cleaning Supplies

Clean Your Toilets Naturally with DIY Toilet Bombs

Survival Friday: DIY Wire Saw from Scraps

Gardening & Water Catchment

There is a lot of joy and good meals that can come of growing your own food and making the most of your water resources.

13 Best Staples to Consider for a Survival Garden

How to Grow Herbs in Small Spaces – A Primer

Best Garden Structures That Help Extend the Growing Season

20 Strategies and Tips for Creating a Rainwater Catchment System

How To Build A Worm Bin the Cheap and Easy Way

Best Greenhouse Kits for Backyard Gardening

Best Cold Hardy Fruits To Grow At Home

How to Grow Mushrooms and Preserve Them

The Prepper’s Guide to Aquaponics: Urban and Soil-less Food for When SHTF

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